Our Culture

is Agriculture

Bringing Growth

To Agriculture


Improving Nature

A-GROW Support: Backbone of A Growth

We are committed to extend NOT a helping hand but a friendly hand to all our dealers/distributors whom we treat as our own Growth-Partners.Be it a matter of *order booking *delivery of products *post sales/marketing services or *compliance of commitments, A-GROW Team is always behind the real frontline of our business...the Dealers & the Distributors!!


Our Products

Layout Plan & Design

Since then many changes to the layout of farms have occurred. ... see the maps as a very important part of planning and developing any sort of new farm layout ...

Soil Management

Special Crop Management Practices for individual crops. Mechanical-Chemical-Biological Methods of combating Weeds-Pests-Diseases.

Crop Management

Experienced & Expert Team of agriculturists to improve the growth,development & yield of your agricultural crop. Our overall consultation enables you to Grow with A-Grow !!.

Irrigation Installation

Micro & Drip Irrigation.Primitive drip irrigation has been used since ancient times.

Farm Automation

Machines best suited for your Farming practice.

Farm Consultancy

* Soil-Testing * Soil-Analysis * Soil-Improvement *Soil-Profiling * Soil-Conservation

We are uncompromising in the Quality:Product-Delivery-Service.

Team A-Grow's competition is with Self-Competence as we believe...
Our business in life is not to get ahead of others, but to get ahead of userselves!!
To break our own records... to outstrip our yesterday by our today!!